Unique vocal & instrumental arrangements of swing, funk & pop covers including original compositions.  Interspersed with Joropos, Cumbias from the Latin harp repertoire of Venezuela & Mexico. 

Photography Ron James

Photography Ron James

Sassy South American rhythms of the percussive harp ukelele and bass meet with velvety vocals of the Strangelove trio.  Watch our latest video.

The inspiration of classically-trained harpist Cliona and singer Wendy Twibill to venture into exploration of all manner of stringed instrumental repertoire, led them to the music of South America, in particular, the light-weight harps utilised in the llanera music of Venezuela.   



Andy Rigby's Australian-made para-celtic harp is central to the motivation & sound of Strangelove.     

Wendy and Cliona first came together to produce the Golden Apple Lullabies in 2010.  

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