Cliona was classically trained in Dublin at the Royal Irish Academy of Music where she studied both the Irish and Concert Harp. 

Since settling here in Australia, Cliona played the harp in the Aida orchestra in 1989 and performed solo in the Opera House with the performance of the Brendan Voyage and also at the Utzon Room with fellow musician Christine Wheeler.

Cliona plays solo harp for many corporate events in some of Sydney's leading venues.

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Cliona has been performing for several years with Venezuelan cuatro player Iván Vivas. They have played together as the Latin String Ensemble at the South American Festival in Bondi as well as Cafe Carnivale. Playing with a wonderful musician like Iván has given her playing so much energy. She is also indebted to Mexican harpist Victor Valdes for teaching her so much about harp music from South America.

Cliona has performed at Canberra's National Folk Festival, two years in a row with five piece band Folklore.

Cliona performs with Wendy Twibill and Pierre Luniere as Strangelove.  Cliona and Wendy's first album Golden Apple Lullabies has been helping to relax children young and old since 2011.

Cliona has also teamed up with shakuhachi flute player Riley Lee for some unique meditative concert performances.  Cliona and Riley hope to record their EP at the end of 2017.   For more details please see the flyer below or 'like' us on Facebook.





Sydney, NSW

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