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Golden Apple Lullabies - Cliona and Wendy Twibill

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Golden apple lullabies

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The lilting harp blends magically with Wendy Twibill’s warm and loving vocals to create these gentle lullabies. You and your child will enjoy singing rocking and humming to these songs over and over.  Listen or buy CD on CD Baby.  


“We love Golden Apple Lullabies” Julia Lester ABC Classic FM (Australia).

The Lullaby Effect and Neuroscience

In the last 20 years researchers in the neuroscience and psychology fields have been fascinated by music and brain development. This is because they found that music, listening to it, making it and moving to it have profound effects on how the brain learns and grows.   See



Hard copy (including lyrics booklet illustrated by Luci Everett) can be posted to your address.  

Helping with Sleep Routine


Learning to relax

Ideally bedtime routine should be structured in the same way every night to reduce stress. As the child gets older they enjoy being able to predict what comes next. Play the CD several times together. With time, you and your child can pick out a favourite so that when time is limited, you can play one to maintain the routine.


Amazingly, children need to be taught how to relax. It is more important now than ever that parents and caregivers routinely show children how to reduce stress by taking 5 minutes out of a busy schedule to enjoy quiet time and music together.  This has the immediate benefit of reducing stress levels for both adult and child!